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Web Apps : Fully-managed web infrastructure

Connect to your apps wherever you are, on any device. Most of our apps, by standard, are created compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops - on a variety of different screen sizes.

Our web-apps can connect directly to your customers, partners or third-parties.

Direct integration with whichever payment gateway suits you best. We'll assist you with the setup of Paypal for simple payments, to Sage Pay for more complex and recurring payments. We then handle the complete integration process with your provider to your web-app.

Deliver notifications to your clients, partners, staff and everyone else in your business with simple integration with any email provider. We can even handle your email service completely, and manage your business' domain. Prefer to connect more directly to your clients? We can integrate your app with a low-cost SMS provider.

We're flexible! Whatever your requirements, we'll try our best to build a reliable app that suits you and your business.

All our apps come with live support. We maintain a complete support solution to ensure the absolute highest achievable uptime, with live error reporting and continuous included fixes and patches as required.

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Interest-driven email systems

Our interest-driven email delivery solution delivers targeted emails to users based on previously provided preferences or by browsing patterns throughout your website.

Our proprietary in-house software ensures that the right user receives the right message, every time.

Real-time order tracking

Whether you're dispatching orders or fixing watches, you need to keep track of your customers and their order progress.

Our system monitors stock, packaging labels and dispatch times; as well as informing the customer by SMS, email or a mobile-friendly simple login system.

Letting agency management

From application to home repair, our Letting Agency CRM solution handles the lot.

We put the entire letting agency process online, for both you and your customers. Your office telephone rings less, there's less paperwork to fill in and your customers stay happy.