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We are the experts when it comes to optimising slow computers!

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Guaranteed Performance Boost!

We'll come out to your house, totally free of charge (within the Chesterfield Area) and assess how well a clean-up will boost your system's performance.

With full clean-ups carried out from only £15, don't buy a new computer before considering optimising your old one with a Kiano.Net clean-up!

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We guarantee that any cleanup we carry out will boost your system's performance!

If we believe a cleanup will not increase your system's performance, we will never go ahead! And offer you alternatives instead.

Kiano.Net are the specialists when it comes to System Clean-ups and Check-ups!

Clean-up and Check-up Prices

Our standard all-in-one clean-up/tune-up/check-up/healthcheck.
A fully thorough clean-up at an unbeatable price!

Installation of Security Software and a complete virus scan of all hard drives.
Defragmentation of all your hard drives - making them run much faster.
Clean-up of unnecessary programs and startup applications - making startup faster.
Cleanup of all temporary files, internet clutter, etc.
Full optimisation of your windows system with driver and installation checks.
Updates installed for your operating system (Eg. Windows Update).
Complete valet inside! Cleaning of all fans and heatsinks to optimise your system.
If required, we will burn new recovery DVDs for you.
Full service report and access to the Kiano.Net Repair Tracking Service.
Free advice (and a discount!) on any upgrades that you may require.
Any other optimisation techniques that our technician feels necessary!

All this for our flat-rate of £15.

Special offer!
Let us cleanup all your computers! We'll give you a 20% discount when we cleanup two or more computers/laptops at once!

Wiped clean-up
We will format your hard drive, install a fresh copy of your operating system and update all your drivers. This procedure can seriously boost your computer!
Available from £20.

Network security check-up
We will check and optimise all connections on your network and configure all your Internet connections correctly and securely.
Available from £20.

For System Installation prices (eg. if you've bought a new system and need it setting up) Click Here!

Note that Prices are just a guide - you should use our free quote and assessment service to get a more accurate price.

Prices are valid for At-Home cleanups (within the Chesterfield Area) or if you drop off your system for us.
For At-Home pricing outside the Chesterfield Area, please contact us.

We recommend you drop off your system, so we can spend longer on cleanup tasks.
We may leave your computer to complete some tasks after we leave, on at-home jobs.

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